Wednesday, 19 August 2015



If you like  an art , what i can say is you're so amazing. 
I do not hate the art, but I'm not very wise about it. I'm really interested art but not as good as any.  
Only know basic things like coloring and drawing pissttt is not very clever.

Dah lah malas nak speaking.
Aku teringat waktu f1 aku kemaruk sangat dengan art sehingga
water colour habis. Ish ish

WHY? because my soul was stirring.

Haih no idea lahh 
The art is sometimes crazy, but it is full of a variety of possible responses.
 If you do not understand art, you can said, bad or bizarre. 
If they are art person , they can say are art beautiful, meaningful and i do not know more.
Why so hambar hah post kali ini.
Kalau korang pandai english and bace post aku ni, 
don judge me okay
imma try to speak...
Contoh hasil pelukis tempatan di Galeri Seni  kut
Yaaa..Saya x pernah pegi pun

Weii gilalah aku x de idea nak menaip ni...

Hai Bye lah

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